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FilippoJi started studying Yoga in the year 1997 and Massage in the year 2001 , the schools he followed until he became a teacher : the Itm of Chiang Mai, the Wat Po of Bangogk, Shanti ma Reiki university of Rishikesh, Shivananda Yoga ashram in Rishikesh, Vedniketan Yoga ashram in Rishikesh, Iyengar Yoga school in Rishikesh and Dharamkot, Ashanga Vinyasa Yoga school in Mc leod ganji, Tushita meditation centre of Dharamkot. Since 2006 he teaches Thai Yoga massage, Reflexology, Reiki and his own Ishana Yoga style in which he blends together the traditional teachings received and his own experiences; he always adapt his classes and treatments to the capacities and conditions of the individual. 





per info:

Filippo Ji - +39 3335438447 

It is a complete course in which you will learn the practice of teaching Yoga, open to those who want to become able to teach Yoga and to deepen the practice.
1) - You can Follow Live! 12 participations in face-to-face lessons 
2) - Online : 3 online lessons 
3) - Streaming: if you miss classes you can have recorded 

- 200 hours recognized by C.S.E.N

- 12 meetings interacting and practicing directly with the Master 
 and other students for a total of 150 hours 
 - 3 online theory class for a total of 25 hours 

- 25 hours requests of teaching experience
 - Final weekend with live examination 
 - If you miss one or more lessons, you will have the recording available

- but to be admitted to the exam you must have attended at least 60% of the classes in person(in the classroom or online) 

- if you interrupt in the first(fifth class) or second quarter(tenth class) you can resume from the next course

by adding 50 hours of teaching practice or seminars, workshops or retreats you can request the conversion of the certificate with the Yoga Alliance

if you pay at once 1,650.00 E

if you pay in two times 1,800.00 E

if you pay in three times 1.950.00 E
(25 euro C.S.E.N. registration)